The Bonjon Valley
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Guided by the Bonjon stream, you'll enjoy a breathtaking view of the Massif du Sancy, Mont Chamaroux and a lovely view of Marcenat, where you can see the dome of the Orthodox monastery.

The characteristics of the route.
Marcenat (15)
  • Distance 11.4 km
  • Elevation gain 430 m
  • Elevation lost 430 m
  • Min. elevation 889 m
  • Max. elevation. 1133 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 3h30
  • Marking Yes

Marking : Yellow markings. No mountain bikes allowed.
Equipments : Play area, Picnic area, Car park, Free car park,
Good plans : -For your safety, please check the weather forecast before setting off on your hike. -To preserve the environment in which you are located, please avoid leaving garbage in nature. -Remember to take the appropriate equipment for the weather conditions and the hiking itinerary (hiking boots, water bottle, cap, sunglasses, jacket...).

Admission fee : Free access.

Opening : All year round.
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